If you’re a franchise owner, chances are you’re already investing in websites and search engine optimization. You know you need to attract visitors from Google to help your franchise grow. But there’s also a good chance that you, like many franchises, are overlooking a powerful SEO strategy that Google has been recommending for years.

The typical franchise website model is something like this: a single central website for the franchise containing a single page, or address listing, devoted to each franchisee unit. There might be a searchable map or list of addresses, along with basic information like store hours and contact information.

This way of doing things is efficient, you can manage your whole franchise on one website. But this approach ignores a time-tested, Google-recommended SEO strategy that can make a real impact on your business. It’s an opportunity that franchises are uniquely positioned to take advantage of.

No Secret

For over a decade, Google has been telling SEO professionals that they can get more visitors by publishing quality content. “Quality content” includes any type of written, audio, video or photographic media that people might search for on Google. It’s the type of content that answers a question or serves a purpose for the searcher (Google’s customer).

Google wants well-written, informative, entertaining content to show to its searchers. It also wants that content to be new, up-to-date and current, because that’s what their searchers want. So adding some great content when you launch your website is not enough. To attract a steady flow of visitors, you’ll need to publish new content on a regular basis.

That’s where the typical franchise website model fails. By limiting franchisees to a single website page or listing with only basic information, it offers no opportunity to publish the fresh, unique content that Google values. That means your franchisees are missing out on valuable traffic and revenue from Google.

The Content Marketing Model for Franchise Websites

Content marketing is a strategy centered on creating content that your potential customers will be interested in, publishing it on a website, and promoting it. New content must be published regularly and promoted with SEO, social media and email marketing.

Content marketing has several benefits for franchise websites:

  • it attracts website visitors that can turn into customers
  • it gives visitors a reason to return to your website regularly
  • it helps your social media following grow by sharing quality content
  • it allows you to focus your SEO on an ever-widening variety of search phrases

Unique content that is relevant to the single franchisee is the heart of this strategy. Instead of each website displaying generic, duplicate information, each franchisee website publishes unique content.

A content-focused franchisee website would publish new blog articles weekly. It would feature testimonials, case-studies, team biographies, videos and local promotions. It would use email marketing and social media to promote all of this original content and attract a steady stream of potential customers to the website.

A franchise that follows this strategy will be building a network of websites that constantly produce new content. That means an ever-increasing library of website pages on Google, attracting visitors to each franchisee website. A steady flow of new and returning visitors is essential for a revenue-generating website.

Good Advice is Worth Taking

With so many franchises using SEO to compete, it’s surprising that so few are paying attention to what Google is telling them. Franchises that master content marketing can attract an ever-growing number of potential customers. At the same time, they are building a network of revenue-generating websites. This is an invaluable asset to any franchise competing for sales and attention on Google.

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