The Franchise Flow Online Marketing Strategy

Here is a direct quote from Google’s SEO Starter Guide:

“Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.”

Content Marketing

Google wants well-written, informative, entertaining content to show to its searchers. It also wants that content to be new, up-to-date and current.

Content marketing is the practice of creating content (like blog articles or videos) and promoting it (with email and social media) to attract potential customers to a website.

Google’s SEO Guidelines say that publishing original content on a regular basis is the best way to get more visitors for a website. That means each franchisee website needs to publish fresh content every week.

This is where Franchise Flow comes in. We provide tools to create content and publish it on every franchisee website with one click. You can also permit franchisees to add their own content and have itpublished upon your approval.

After you’ve published some interesting new content, you’ll need to promote it with social media and email marketing. Promoting your content helps drive people to the website and can also grow your social media following.

This is a Google-approved SEO strategy that many franchises overlook. With Franchise Flow, you can use it to increase online sales for franchisees.

Local Search Marketing

This is the practice of using SEO (search engine optimization) to attract new visitors who are local to a franchisee. Local SEO means that searchers on Google can easily find franchise locations in their area.

Franchise Flow includes several features to enhance local search relevance:

Business Directory Submission
All franchisee websites get submitted to over 150 local business listings, including Google Business, Yelp, Alexa, and Yellowpages. These listings are featured across thousands of websites, insuring that franchisees are easy to find.

Search Engine Optimized Websites
Each Franchise Flow website is optimized to get local traffic from Google. Our websites are built according to Google’s SEO guidelines and are fast and mobile-friendly.

Mobile-First Design
The speed and performance of your website on mobile devices is now a key factor in Google. Attracting mobile searchers is vital for local search marketing, which is why our websites are built and tested according to Google’s mobile requirements.

Content Marketing for Franchise Websites

Unique content that is relevant to the single franchisee is the heart of this strategy. Instead of each website displaying generic, duplicate information, each franchisee website publishes unique content.

A content-focused franchisee website would publish new blog articles weekly. It would feature testimonials, case-studies, team biographies, videos and local promotions. It would use email marketing and social media to promote all of this original content and attract a steady stream of potential customers to the website.

A franchise that follows this strategy will be building a network of websites that constantly produce new content. That means an ever-increasing library of website pages on Google, attracting visitors to each franchisee website. A steady flow of new and returning visitors is essential for a revenue-generating website.

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