We found this article perfectly relevant to the challenges that franchisors face when it comes to marketing their franchises for sale, helping their franchisees market their franchises while also maintaining brand integrity and message consistency:

The following is an excerpt from The Balance Small Business


Franchise system advertising efforts have two objectives: to build a strong brand and to recruit customers. Building a strong brand requires that the franchisor and all franchisees send a consistent message to prospective and current customers. For this reason, franchisors in well-designed systems set strict rules for the use of their trademarks and control the use and creation of marketing and advertising materials.

Trademarks and Marketing Materials

Franchisors go to great efforts and expense to develop the name for their product or service, to create an identity or “brand personality” for the name, and to ensure that it is legally protected. For the health of the franchise system, it is therefore critical that franchisees use the approved trademark(s) in strict accordance with the franchisor’s established guidelines.

Usually, established franchise systems provide franchisees with specific marketing and advertising materials for adaptation to the franchisee’s use. In systems where franchisees may create their materials, approval from the franchisor is typically required before the materials can be used.


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