Frequently Asked Questions

What is Franchise Flow?

Franchise Flow is a website management platform that simplifies creating and managing multiple franchisee websites. It allows you to create a network of franchisee websites and easily publish content like blog articles, advertisements, landing pages and more.

What can Franchise Flow do for my franchise?

Franchise Flow is designed to help franchisee websites get more local visitors from Google. Each visitor is an opportunity to get a new customer, and each website is designed with a focus on making sales.

Franchise Flow can help you maintain brand integrity across multiple franchisee websites. Take full control over all websites from one dashboard, or make rules for where and how franchisees may add their own content.

Franchise Flow can help grow your email marketing list. You’ll have an email list for each franchisee location, allowing you to customize your email marketing messages for specific regions.

Franchise Flow can help your social media presence grow. The content you publish on Franchise Flow can be promoted on social media. This helps keep followers interested and drives new visitors to franchisee websites.

Do I have to redesign my existing website?

No, you don’t need to change your corporate website to use Franchise Flow. Franchise Flow is a tool to create and manage a complete website for each franchisee, and is not part of your corporate website.

What kind of content can Franchise Flow create and manage?

You can use Franchise Flow to publish any kind of online content like blog articles, videos, case studies, reviews, events and more. Google recommends publishing new content regularly to help website traffic grow.

Can franchisees manage the content on their website?

Franchise Flow gives you complete control over who can edit website content. The franchisor can decide whether to keep full control over all franchisee websites or to allow franchisees to add their own material. Franchisees can be restricted to only their local website, and the franchisor can decide which portions they can edit.

Is Franchise Flow difficult to use?

Franchise Flow is built to be user-friendly and we provide training and support so you can take full advantage of its powerful marketing tools.

How can I track traffic and sales on franchisee websites?

Franchise Flow comes with a complete set of online reporting tools that will measure keywords, search engine traffic, social media traffic, page visits and even whether people are accessing the franchisee sites via mobile, tablet or desktops. In addition, Franchise Flow interfaces with most popular CRMs in order to generate form fills, leads and email addresses via coupons, special promotions and landing pages that can all be created and deployed across the entire franchisee network from within the Franchise Flow dashboard.

How can Franchise Flow help my Search Engine Optimization?

Franchisee websites use local search engine optimization techniques to attract new local customers. They are built to be fast and mobile-friendly, two of the most important factors for Google search.

To boost your presence in local search, each website is added to over 150 online business listing services including Google Business, Yelp, Foursquare and Yellowpages.

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