With Franchise Flow, you can create a network of websites designed to increase local sales for franchisees.

What can Franchise Flow do for your brand?

Increase Local Sales

Franchise Flow helps franchisee websites get more local visitors from Google. Each visitor is an opportunity to win a new customer, and each website is focused on making sales.

Maintain Brand Integrity

Franchise Flow allows you to maintain brand integrity across multiple franchisee websites. Keep control over all websites yourself, or make rules so franchisees may add their own content.

Build Email Lists

Franchise Flow can grow your email marketing list. You’ll have an email list for each franchisee location, allowing you to customize your email marketing messages for specific regions.

Grow Social Media

Franchise Flow grows your social media presence. Published content can be promoted on social media. This helps gain followers and drives new visitors to franchisee websites.

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Franchisee Websites For Local Marketing

Franchise Flow allows you to give every local franchisee a website that is focused on creating leads and sales. Each custom-designed website is packed with online marketing tools that turn visitors into customers. 


Built for SEO

Franchise Flow websites are search engine optimized to attract new local customers for franchisees.


Content Marketing

With Franchise Flow, you can manage website content across all franchisee websites from one dashboard.

Mobile First Websites

Website performance on mobile devices is critical for success. We build websites that are fast and mobile-friendly.

Email Marketing

Build an email marketing list for every franchisee that you can use to drive local sales.

Ads & Landing Pages

Publish advertisements linked to sales-focused landing pages on every website with one click.

Social Media

Franchise Flow websites include social sharing tools so visitors can like follow & subscribe.

How it Works

Franchise Flow is a subscription based service that allows you to manage content & marketing across a network of locally-focused franchisee websites. Here’s how it can help your brand grow.

Deploy New Websites

Franchise Flow gives you the power to deploy websites for each of your franchisees quickly and easily. After adding unique local information like address, phone number and operating hours, your franchisee website is ready to start selling.

Create and Publish Content

Publish website pages, blog articles, videos, events, case studies, reviews and more on every franchisee website from one dashboard. You can choose to keep full control over all websites, or permit local franchisees to add their unique content.

Increase Sales with Ads & Landing Pages

Have a sale, special offer or event you’d like to promote? With Franchise Flow, you can create advertisements and landing pages designed to generate sales, then publish them on all franchisee websites.

Build Local Email Lists

Franchise Flow integrates with major email marketing services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. You can use these lists to send region-specific offers to franchise customers, or market to all of them at once.

Grow Social Media

Your franchisee websites will include social media tools so visitors can like, follow and subscribe to your brand. Share your published blog articles, videos and images on your social media profiles to attract website visitors.

Track Results

We provide detailed website analytics so you can track the success of your marketing efforts. Learn where your website visitors come from and how they behave. Use this information to constantly improve your marketing efforts.

Integrates with Your CRM

Franchise Flow can use digital forms to collect information and add sales leads into your customer relationship management tool.

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